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Smokey Joe’s

Smokey Joe’s E-Cigarettes

Smokey Joe’s E-CigarettesSmokey Joe’s E-CigarettesSmokey Joe E-Cigarettes fully recreate the smoking experience, with the same taste, but you definitely won’t have the smoke smell!  Unlike tobacco cigarettes, Smokey Joe E-Cigarettes do not produce any odor at all.  Also, you may smoke Smokey Joe E-Cigarettes indoors or in the presence of others since there is no offensive odor or any of the risks associated with second hand smoke.

Smokey Joe E-Cigarettes do not contain tobacco products of any form.  Smokey Joe E-Cigarettes are not a smoking cessation device, they are an alternative form of smoking without the carcinogens found in tobacco, and without secondhand smoke.

 They are available in regular and menthol.  And very reasonably priced! YOU’LL SAVE MONEY $$ with this product. The refill cartomizers are only 2 for $10 — the equivalent of 5 packs of cigarettes. And the initial purchase is only $20.

Everyone who has tried them has been very pleased and recommended others.

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