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BioPosture Mattress

Do You Sleep Well?


BioPosture™ offers the highest quality, American-made, affordable, environmentally-friendly, memory foam mattresses and pillows, through referrals by Doctors of Chiropractic to their Patients. Their dedication to quality craftsmanship and materials, sensitivity to a sustainable environment, and dedication to extraordinary customer service, has helped them become one of the fastest growing, most admired marketers of technically superior eco-friendly BioMemoryFoam™ sleep products.  BioPosture™ is the only company to build mattresses on demand for patients of Doctors of Chiropractic!  Thus, each can be manufactured to meet the needs of the patient. They create proprietary sleep products developed over 25 years at their “comprehensive green” manufacturing facility in southern California. All their products are developed and designed by medical professionals for exclusive distribution through doctors of chiropractic and other related healthcare professionals.

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Remember, you save sales tax with a prescription for a new mattress